Les Ateliers Issenlor � 2010 � R�alisation Cedinfo.fr



DEHUA TO FUJIAN Provence in China

I was invited from the Chinese government during more two months march april to may  at the International

Contemporary  Ceramic  Art  Yueji  Kiln in a working camp

The first foreigner artist


 Roland  Issenlor :ISSRO: has begun sculpture in 197O. First, he shaped wood gathered during walks.

Self-taught-man, Roland has continued with recup -art and progressively added new techniques. He teaches children in the school.

In the year 90, he tries to call out sad walkers, by exhibiting sculptures, in the streets ,on the river canal Vauban, etc!! The result was encouraging. In 1997, after his cancer ,he takes radical change  and works on symbolism.

The press wrote:

His work is full of sensibility and extra soul where   nature, his elements and events of life inspire him trough an hopeful message. Refine, the work of Roland Issenlor aim directly at the essential. He knows how to bring human truth out, with distance and humor which warm up the heart.

He tries, with a bit of humor, to call spectators with a look, a smile, a word. Dividing up and tolerance will be the result of his art, where imaginary and symbolic find their expression in a mix of strength and sensibility. He shares out his passion with his wife Sylvie, with whom he creates sometime duo works. Almost all of his creations are accompanied by a poem from Maeva Behague , which give a profound sense to interpret his art .Utopian dreamer, sculpture is still a pleasure for him, a passion, with feeling of tenderness, hope ,suffering or amusement which overcome the spectator.



French Riviera St Tropez, Arles, Paris, Portes de Versailles, In Alsace, Haut Rhin, Bas Rhin Strasbourg palais des Congres, to Haute Saone, to Territoire de Belfort.Fondation syrodarts Gallery:2004:05:06:07:08:09:2010:11


Other Country

New-York, Lincoln Center 2003

Hong Kong, IFC Center 2002

Shanghai ART Fair 2002-03-04-05-06-07-08-10-2013

Schwitzeland Lausane International Contemporary Art 2009



Illzach, Espace 110

Trois Epis, Museum notre Dame

Colmar CCI

Colmar Maison des Tetes




Hong Kong, Silvermine Beach Hotel at the first Lantau International Art Festival ,Invited on Guest artist 2004

Hong Kong, Discovery Bay on guest artist


Art Gallery Mulhouse 1999

Gallery de L ILL Strasbourg 2000

Grand Theater Gallery Shanghai China 2004-2005

Beyond Gallery Shanghai China 2005-06-07

Shanghai Simply Noble Gallery 2008

Tu Feng Art Studio Shanghai 2007-08-09-2010


Carre des Trois  Collioure 2011



Cernay 1995

Belfort 2001

St Tropez 2001

Arles 2001

New York Lincoln Center 2003

Carrefour Mulhouse 2003


Guest of honor at the Art Festival of Lantau, Hong Kong, April 2004

As representative of France and Alsace area, as the only one western artist

Selected for a proposal project for Pudong :in Shanghai

Invited for a landmark sculpture to Mui Wo, Hong Kong

Contribuad to build the Bull, a sculpture from Pierre Matter for a sculpture place in Shanghai 2005

Selected for a proposal project of Beeijing Landscape Sculpture Designs for Olympic Games

Invited as the first foreigner artist by the Chinese Government at Dehua Ceramic Center

ROLAND ISSENLOR :YUEJI Kiln International Contemporary Ceramic Art.


Guest artist of honor at the Kunst literatur-PFDA


Working camp with TUFENG to ZIBO Shandong province China November 2013


Canal Vauban

Childhood House

City Hall


France-Schwitzerland - Australia - China, Hong Kong - Shanghai -Germany - Reunion Island

Newspaper Article

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Poem Book, Maheva Behague Edition-Collection of Design Proposals for Shanghai Pudong International Sculpture Design Project


Tf1 cable interview - Hong Kong Interview  - Shanghai TV-District TV- FR3 TV- FUJIAN Province TV,Germany Tv